Shay’s DaVinci Hysterectomy

One year prior to my hysterectomy I opted for ablation because I had suffered a decade of excessive bleeding and anemia. The bleeding was so bad that I could not leave my house for the first 24 hours of my period because I would break through my arsenal of leak protection of the utmost absorbency. The ablation resolved my excessive bleeding temporarily, for about six months. But my heavy flow returned and I developed mid-cycle bleeding and exceptional pain. To address the new symptoms, my doctor of 28 years, ordered a pelvic ultra sound. That ultrasound indicated a uterine tumor of unknown pathology. So I was scheduled for a uterine resection that detected a uterine polyp. Following that procedure, I felt suspicious that we did not get to the problem and I continued with heavy bleeding, mid-cycle bleeding and intense pain. My doctor and I discussed the possibility of cancer, scheduled a second opinion and then scheduled a hysterectomy. The diagnosis was pre-cancerous tumor in uterine wall, fibroids, cysts, polyps, scar tissue, and prominent adenomyosis.

I had a general anesthetic. I was told surgery was text book but that I had very tight scar tissue inside and out of the uterus. I remained in the hospital for 24 hours. I probably could have stayed in the hospital another 24 hours.

Recovery was bumpy because I did not understand the gravity of how major the surgery really was. I over did it week in and week out. I cut out all pain meds by day 10 and this was not smart, and I did not take the time recommended to heal. I regret pushing through to get back to life. I returned to full time at the end of week three. I am cancer free and that was the point so my mental attitude is good. So the after affects do not bother me. I do not bleed, have pain nor do I have panic attacks anymore. My mood is even and I sleep soundly. On the down side I feel androgynous, with no care about any aspect of sexuality. I do not know the inner me and that is sad. I was released for all activity at week 12 and was totally bummed that I lost my excuse not to have sex. We are working through it, but I do not believe that my lack of feeling will change.

I am so happy I had the hysterectomy. I marvel at how important the uterus is, but when your life is at stake, the choice is clear. My health is very good and improved.

There is an undeniable disconnection with your inner female. It is like the wiring to the mainframe gets cut and that can be a major mental factor to consider. The technical aspects of the surgery are major and I would suggest doing research into the medical procedure itself so you can brace for a lot pain and potential complications. Talk to your doctor, your family and the trusted females in your life who have experienced this surgery.

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