Charley’s Laparoscopic Hysterectomy

Laparoscopic Hysterectomy
Age at Surgery 51
Location: Lymington/Hampshire/United Kingdom

I had been suffering with very heavy periods for approximately 10 years due to multiple fibroids. They had become progressively worse over the last 3 years and although I had a mirena coil fitted and took tranexamic acid every month, neither helped enough, and in the last year the bleeding had became so prolonged and difficult to control, it was taking over every aspect of my life.

After looking at my options, my consultant recommended that a hysterectomy would be the best option for me.

The build up to my LAVH was by far the worst part, particularly the last 6 weeks when I knew my date. I went in on a Wednesday morning ( 6/04/16 ) for a 3 o clock surgery. The staff were wonderful and kind and it helped to pass the time with other ladies waiting for similar procedures.

I had a general anesthetic, it was fine! (I freak at needles but I didn’t feel a thing) I fell asleep in seconds and knew nothing until I woke up in recovery after approximately 2 hours, very woozy but pain free. A short time later, I was taken to a small ward for the night.

The staff were amazing and attentive, I was checked throughout the night for pain relief if needed and observations etc and encouraged to drink lots of water as the anesthetic really does dehydrate you. I had a catheter in, so no urge to get out of bed, I didn’t really sleep because of all the activity but I was comfortable. The next morning I had my first cup of tea! Which was lovely as I hadn’t had anything other than water in the last 24 hours. The catheter was removed and I was encouraged to get out of bed. I had to produce a good wee before they would discharge me. Thankfully I eventually managed one and I was on my way home, just after lunch.

Once home, the first 24 hours were a little uncomfortable, most of the pain I had was from the trapped wind from the operation. Going to the loo ( wee ) was uncomfortable, I ached a lot ‘down there’ and It took longer than usual to empty my bladder. The thought of emptying my bowels was nerve wracking and I felt very constipated which was I a side effect of the anesthetic. I drank loads of water and peppermint tea for the wind and after a couple of days I took a mild laxative to help me ‘go’. It was uncomfortable for the first couple of weeks but Improved slowly over that time.

In general, I feel my recovery has been amazing. I was put on HRT ( patches ) the day after the operation and have had no adverse effects, or symptoms of menopause. After a couple of weeks my bowels and bladder started to feel more normal and everything started to improve. I made sure I walked a little each day but didn’t overdo it. Your body soon tells you, the fatigue kicks in so rest is important too. Boredom did get to me a little but time does pass quickly and by 5 weeks I was driving and doing most things in moderation, except hoovering, exercise ( other than walking ) and lifting anything heavy.

I had my post op review with the consultant at week 6 and he cleared me for most things, but to wait to have sex until week 8 ( I was pleased to find everything was in perfect working order and better than ever at that point!! ). I’m now at week 9 and feel great.

When I was first told a hysterectomy was the best option for me, I didn’t know what to expect and was quite scared of the Unknown. I’m sure most women go through the same. I started ‘googling’ what I could and although I think I learned a lot, I also read many negative stories, after all, when everything goes to plan there isn’t much to write about, is there! I really do feel like a new women now, it’s one of the best decisions Ive ever made!!

There are different types of hysterectomies and many different reasons why they are necessary. You can feel just as good, if not better without your ‘bits’, if they are causing you issues! The build up to the operation is by far the worst part of the journey. I wish now, that I took the option years ago. I have my life back, I feel great and it’s wonderful!

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