Becky’s Hysterectomy Story

Type of Hysterectomy: Full Abdomen
Age at Hysterectomy: 49
Location: Portland, OR

I had the surgery, due to enlarged uterus, cysts, and fibroids. I tried biofeedback and pelvic exercises it made no difference. It was about five months from diagnosis to surgery. I did not get another opinion as the tests and ultrasound told what needed to be done.

I went to the hospital about two hours before surgery to do blood tests and such. I had been denied surgery a month prior to low iron levels and had been taking an iron supplement. Both the surgeons and anesthesiologist explained what would be happening. I went under general anesthesia. I was only to be in surgery about two hours and go home the next day. They found a lot more wrong so I need more anesthesia and was in surgery 8 hrs and stayed in hospital 5 nights. My hospital care was very good other than the first night the nurse tried to get me up for a shower, I declined and she didn’t respond to my call for help. The catheter was removed the next day. I was on morphine that I controlled and then Percocet until I was released.

The important issues to me was being able to urinate, have a bowel movement and control pain. I was worried about intercourse after as they reconstructed my vagina and that was not in the original plan. My greatest challenge was swelling and having a bowel movement was awful the first two weeks. I was released at 8 weeks to return to moderate activity and sex.

I have been fatigued I am still sore when doing too much. I also still swell. I am glad I am no longer having periods and that it is all taken care of. Use laxatives before and after surgery. Dont overdue it even at 3 months I still can have pain and swelling. Rest when you need to and dont worry about intercourse it will be fine

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