Will Sex Be Better or Worse after Hysterectomy?

If you are facing the possibility of having a hysterectomy, you may be wondering about your sex life. Will a hysterectomy serve to improve this part of your life, or will the surgery mark the end of satisfying sexual relations?

Few things in life come with a guarantee, and unfortunately, a hysterectomy doesn’t have a guarantee either. A portion of women report an improvement in their sex life following the surgery. Other women say there is no notable change for them. A number of women explain that their orgasm is different for them, but still satisfying. And some women claim that having a hysterectomy destroyed the sex life they once enjoyed. Experiences run the scale appearing not to matter much in regards to what type a hysterectomy was involved.

For pre-menopausal women who have their ovaries removed, there is a strong possibility of their libido being negatively impacted, however this is not the case 100% of the time either. Female sexuality is a very complex issue, influenced by physical, psychological, environmental, and sociological factors. Pinpointing the exact reasons for either a satisfying or unsatisfying sex life can be difficult. The following are some scenarios which serve to illustrate the wide variety of reactions women report on this topic.

Patient A is a young wife and mother who formerly enjoyed a terrific sexual relationship with her husband. But for the past year, her increasing gynecological issues resulted in significant pain with intercourse that dampened her desire for and enjoyment of sex. After her complication-free hysterectomy and recovery, she was delighted to experience pain-free intercourse again. Her verdict: Hysterectomy restored her sex life.

Patient B is a perimenopausal woman who has been married for twenty years. In recent years, her sexual interest in her spouse had waned, and her husband didn’t seem very interested in having sex with her anymore either. Their sex life had become predictable and boring, and their encounters infrequent. She recovered from surgery well, and found that her sex life remained as lackluster and unsatisfying as it was before. Her verdict: Hysterectomy had no impact on her sex life.

Patient C was diagnosed with cancer and had a hysterectomy with her ovaries removed. Prior to her diagnosis she and her fiance enjoyed each other immensely in their intimate moments. After her surgery, despite its success in removing the cancer, and despite being on HRT, she discovered that the sexual fulfillment she had experienced before the surgery was no longer there. Her verdict: Hysterectomy may have impacted her sex life; on the other hand, her diminished libido and response could be due to the stress from having cancer, the side-effects of chemotherapy side-effects, or the antidepressants she presently takes.

Patient D always had a sky-high libido and great sexual response. Unfortunately, her hysterectomy surgery was beset with unexpected, serious physical complications, and she spent the better part of two years recovering to the point of being able to return to her normal life. She was devastated to discover that her previous libido level and response never returned. Despite the fact that she has seen a number of medical specialists, no doctor has found an effective HRT regimen or other treatment that helps her. Her verdict: Hysterectomy destroyed her sex life.

Women have hysterectomies for the purpose of remedying all kinds of diseases and conditions, but the one thing we all have in common is that we hope our life is better afterwards. If a satisfying sex life is important to you, understand that a hysterectomy may impact this aspect of your life in either a positive or negative way.

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