8 Ways to Contribute to Hysterectomy Awareness in May

Promote It

Promote Hysterectomy Awareness on your organization's:

  • Website
  • Blog
  • Social Media
  • Newsletter
Share it on your Facebook Page
  • Like and Follow HysterectomySmart
  • Post at least 2 Facebook posts about Hysterectomy.org on your own Facebook page
  • Share messages from our Share Gallery
Engage on Twitter
Pin It
Engage on our YouTube channel
  • Subscribe to Hysterectomy.org YouTube Channel
  • Comment on at least one video on the Hysterectomy.org Channel
Blog About It
Take our Quizzes

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And Throughout the Year

  • Share your organization news, patient stories, content related articles on Hysterectomy.org.
Stay Connected

8 Benefits for Contributing Organzations

At Hysterectomy.org
  • Org listed and linked
  • Ongoing opportunity to share your org news
  • Ongoing opportunity to share patient stories about your cause
  • Ongoing opportunity to share articles/blog post about your organization
On Social Media
  • Facebook – At least 12 Organization mentions in HysterectomySmart Facebook Posts
  • Twitter – Mentions and Retweets from @Hysterectomy411
  • PinterestHysterectomy’s Pinterest Follow and Repin your Organization’s Pins
  • YouTube – Share your Organization’s youtube videos within Hysterectomy.org’s Channel

To be included as a Contributing Organization, please contact us.

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