Can I Rush Hysterectomy Recovery?

As a busy woman, it can be tough to stop during the weeks needed to recover from a hysterectomy. However, no matter how much you want to shorten the time, there is no rushing recovery. You only have one chance to heal right the first time, so it’s best to take full advantage of it.

As your recovery progresses, you may find that you teeter between feeling full of energy and feeling so lousy you won’t want to get out of bed. On the days that you feel great, it may be easy to do too much too soon. But doing so can lead to complications and an even longer recovery.

Right now, it is important to ease back into your life. As you feel more energy, you can add some tasks back into your routine with your doctor’s permission. Be careful not to add too much at once, though, and remember to listen to your body; it will let you know when you need to rest.

Even when any external incisions look healed, your internal incisions may still be healing. Your newly healed tissues will need to take over for the dissolving stitches, so during that time it’s important not to strain those areas. You want areas like your vaginal cuff to heal completely without tearing or infection.

If you find you start having more and more lousy days, call your doctor’s office. It could be a sign that you are overdoing it. Otherwise, feeling lousy may simply be a sign that you need to take a break and put your feet up awhile.

Since you can’t rush your recovery, use this time to nurture your inner self, catch up on your reading, do some scrapbooking, reminisce over photos, and just take care of you while your physical body heals. Before you know it, it will be time to return to work and all of your regular household chores!

This content was written by staff of by non-medical professionals based on discussions, resources and input from other patients for the purpose of patient-to-patient support. Reprinted with permission: Can I Rush Hysterectomy Recovery?

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