Jill’s Vaginal Hysterectomy

Vaginal Hysterectomy
Age at Surgery 70
Location: London UK

I had a grade 3/4 uterine prolapse and grade 2 cystocele, I tried pelvic floor exercises which did not work, saw a urogynacologist consultant in November 2019, I was offered the choice of a pessary or surgery, I decided I would rather have surgery, I was put on a waiting list and had op November 2020, my recovery has gone really well apart from a couple of small niggles, it’s probably just as well as my husband got bored with helping in the house after 2 weeks, so been back to running the house, cooking, cleaning, clothes washing etc since. Glad I had the operation it’s so nice not having my uterus rubbing against underwear

I had my operation in a large London teaching hospital, I had a spinal block with sedation, I was a bit concerned as really did not want to be aware of what was happening, but the sedation knocked me out, woke up in recovery, I stayed in hospital for 2 nights had a catheter which was removed the day I went home, because of COVID restrictions I was not allowed visitors, my hospital experience was very good apart from waiting about 6 hours for medication before I could leave. I am very disappointed that the aftercare from the hospital has been non existent, I was not given a phone number to ring in case of problems, no list of when I could start doing things, I wasn’t even told about wearing the surgical socks at home so left them behind

My recovery is going very well, by week 3 I had to remind myself I was recovering from a hysterectomy and not to overdo things, I have a telephone post op appointment at 3 months, I am concerned about whether I am healing inside as no one is going to check, I presume consultant will tell me if I can return to my normal life. I still have my ovaries although I’m not sure they work due to my age and being on tamoxifen for 5 years

My health has improved since having the hysterectomy, as I no longer have problems with prolapses, I also haven’t had to deal with menopause symptoms

To anyone considering this operation I would say listen to your doctors advice, a lot would depend on the reason a hysterectomy was suggested, for various reasons this may be the only option, perhaps seek a second opinion. For anyone who has problems with anesthetic ask about a spinal block.



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