Melissa’s Robotic Hysterectomy

daVinci Robotic Hysterectomy
Age at Surgery 49
Location: Atlanta, GA

Having a hysterectomy has been a life saver for me. It all started in 2018 and finally in October of 2020, my OB/GYN determined that the procedure was necessary after there was no medical resolve for menses that would not stop. The last straw was when my menses started in July of 2020 and did not stop until given a lupron shot at my exam where my cervix was dilated as if I were 4 months pregnant and I was passing clots on the exam table.

Initial potential dx was adenomyosis, and while I was concerned, I was also relieved to know that I wasn’t imagining that something was wrong with me. We had tried everything from a D & C, to expensive medical treatments. The cycle kept coming and I was exhausted. Final Dx after surgery was endometriosis that had grown around my uterus, bowels and bladder.

The surgery experience was NOT the best, especially in a time of COVD-19. My surgery was performed at Emory Mid-Town and while this web site had me prepared with pertinent questions, the hospital was not prepared to answer them. My Surgeon, also my OB/GYN has rights at the facility, but does not work for them. Morning of surgery, It was confirmed that the plan was for me to go home the same day. It was also confirmed that I could have NO ONE with me. I went in alone. I wore my contacts, but they were removed during pre-op. I was going in blind. I was given local anesthesia and an abdominal wall block, due to medication allergies.

Post-Op for me was the WORST. No contacts so I couldn’t see, BP was out of control and my Surgeon was not notified. My tummy felt like a ton of bricks and I felt like no one was listening to me. I felt hysterical and told the staff, I needed to urinate and vomit. My male nurse shoved a bed pan under me and I missed. FINALLY vomited and saw myself making a turn for the better. My visit went from a planned 5 hour visit to over 12 hours.

The 1st two days of recovery were painful, primarily due to the abdominal block. My home support team was AMAZING. My spouse and kids took turns checking on me and I could feel my spirits lifting, as more of the anesthesia wore off. My recovery did not go as planned because of my reactions to so many meds, I was only taking Tylenol and Ibuprofen. My Dr. ended up prescribing something that did help and I was on the fast track.

I consider myself the Matriarch of the family and I was concerned about upcoming holidays, meal preps, shopping decorating etc…. Staying in tuned here, helped me let those worries go and I was able to be present without the stress of doing “IT ALL”. My Dr. released me December 16th and I think I was ready, knowing and accepting my limitations.

My health has been a roller coaster. I have quite a few days when my head feels like it’s in a fog, I’m exhausted and don’t have much appetite. There are other days, when
I feel like I can run a marathon. Physically I see how I’ve changed. My scarring has been minimal and I’ve shed some inches. I’m on a low dose birth control pill for the next year, but overall I’m glad I had the surgery.

Advice I would offer. Definitely ask questions to your provider. Allow yourself to feel the emotions of the process from beginning to end and utilize the resources on this website. The most important thing(s) should know is that there is no bad question, make sure this is what YOU want and that you are not alone.


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