Amber’s Robotic Hysterectomy

daVinci Robotic Hysterectomy
Age at Surgery 19
Location: Seattle, WA, USA

I had a hysterectomy due to endometriosis and abnormal bleeding. I would bleed for months on end and vomit from the pain. I could not hold down my job or go to school. I tried every form of treatment possible. At least ten different brands of the pill, depo shot, Lupron, etc. Lupron worked for awhile, but I could not stay on it long term. The HRT given with Lupron didn’t work for me.

I had my laparoscopy at same hospital, so I knew what to expect. I was given valium to take that morning. The guy at the counter had me take a pregnancy test. I waited a couple hours in the waiting room until they called me up.

I was brought into the preop room. The preop nurses and anesthesiology team were really nice. The nurse prepped my IV and gave me a bunch of pills. The valium wore off before I was in the operating room, so the nurse gave me IV versed. That took care of my anxiety within minutes. Then I was wheeled into the operating room and the anesthesiologist put me to sleep.

I stayed in the hospital overnight. My postop pain was manageable. I slept most of the night. My IV kept moving around. That was annoying.

My recovery was easy. I think being young helps a lot. I was given oxycodone, but I didn’t need it. I went to a concert two weeks after my surgery and felt fine. Biggest difficulty was the weight restrictions. I couldn’t lift anything more than 10lbs for twelve weeks iirc.

I feel so much better. It’s great not having to worry about being in pain or bleeding all the time. I don’t have to plan my life around that anymore.

Being infertile isn’t the end of the world. Especially if it means having a better quality of life.

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