Sabrina’s Laparoscopic Hysterectomy

Laparoscopic Hysterectomy
Age at Surgery 45
Location: Vero Beach, FL

I had a hysterectomy because my period started to be heavy on the bleeding. I was also experiencing dramatic mood swings, about to the point of ruining my relationships and losing my job and severe cramping. My diagnosis and what was used as the reason for my hysterectomy was heavy bleeding. I had seen a gynecologist at the same practice a few years earlier, a Male doctor, and was told to take ibuprofen when I started experiencing the first signs of cramps and continue until my period started. I did not follow that advice because I would have been living off of ibuprofen. I had cramps more days than not in most months. I finally discussed it with my GP doc and she referred me to a female doctor at the same practice as before. When I asked if it was an option and a solution. she said yes, we can do it, just not tomorrow.

My surgery did not start until a few hours after the scheduled time. I was given some sort of pain block med in my back and was under general anesthesia. I stayed one night in the hospital and went home mid day the next day.

When I came home, we were still living in our 5th wheel camper during construction of our house. I was concerned about the few steps to get in and the stairs to get to the bedroom. I also had a 6 month old puppy at home that was used to being with me 24/7, so my husband was helpful in making sure he wasn’t jumping up on me or laying across my abdominal in bed. My surgery was on Friday, I came home Saturday, and the following Monday I was working from home as much as I could tolerate (I’m the only one that knows how to process payroll and that’s a pretty important function). Eleven days after surgery, after not getting back on my regular supplement routine yet and my bowels becoming regular, I was awaken at 3 a.m. with terrible stomach pains.afyer getting up and walking into the bathroom, I started to feel lightheaded, so I woke my husband and headed back to the bathroom where I blacked out, hit my head, then headed to the er. I learned weeks later, after having weeks of dizziness and other issues, that I sustained a concussion. I was not released to drive until the neuro and cardio docs finished running a battery of test, 2 months later. I did continue to work from home as much as possible, as well as over see the final stages of construction on my house. I didnt really have any worries about life after, well there was the visit to the gyno 2 weeks after surgery when she did a pelvic exam because I over did it and had some heavier bleeding and maybe how sex would be the first couple of times, but I survived both, just fine. Aside from the concussion, the actual recovery from the hysterectomy seemed easy. I had one stitch at each small incision under the skin with glue on the surface. I did not experience a great deal of terrible pain and had stopped pain meds while still in the hospital, switching to just tylenol.

I have still had breast tenderness around the time that I would have my period, so I think my ovaries are still doing their thing. I have experienced some mild cramping, but I’m wondering if it isn’t “fanthom cramps.” I do not regret my hysterectomy at all, but do find myself thinking about and feeling a desire to have another child. My husband and I are looking into adoption.

Ask lots of questions before surgery and after, before being sent home. I dont feel I was given enough information about what to really expect and that’s where Hyster Sisters forums came in handy. I think the experience is different for each woman and that no two surgeries or recoveries are exactly alike. I would advise others to take it easy during recovery and dont over do it, but also to make sure you are getting up and moving around. Also to drink lots of fluids and have stool softeners handy! They will thank us for that one later.

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