Break These Bad Habits for Better Skin During Menopause

As a teen, you expected your complexion to be less than perfect. As much as you may have hated them, you knew zits were a sign you were growing up. What you probably weren’t expecting was for those blemishes to reappear during menopause. And they brought friends – dry skin, dark circles, wrinkles, and “old age spots.”

You’ve come a full circle, and once again you may find yourself agonizing in the mirror over your appearance. Only now you’re trying to cover the traces of menopause, rather than the evidence of becoming an adult.

Besides learning some new tricks for better skin, there are some habits you may have picked up that aren’t helping your skin. Breaking the following bad habits can help you have better skin during menopause, leaving you with more time to spend outside the bathroom.

Quit Smoking

By now you know smoking is bad for your health, but you may not realize just how bad it is for your skin. It accelerates aging, increases wrinkles, causes sagging, puts dark circles under your eyes, and adds age spots. Quitting smoking can increase your overall health and start you down the road to better skin.

Avoid Excessive Alcohol

Like smoking, you know too much alcohol is not a good thing. When it comes to your skin, it’s dehydrating which can lead to premature aging and wrinkles. It can also cause inflammation, leaving you with a red look to your skin. It can also contribute to adult acne and scarring.

Cut Back on Sugar

Sugar can trigger inflammation and redness, cause your skin to break down so you have sagging and wrinkles, and contribute to acne breakouts. If you aren’t chowing down on cookies and candy bars, you might think you’re safe. But think again. Sugar can be found in many sauces, cereals, yogurts, drinks, and canned, packed, and processed foods, so learn to read labels and cook from scratch. The healthier you eat, the better your skin can be.

Stop Skipping on ZZZ’s

You might think you’re okay with just a few hours of sleep each night, but the lack of rest can start showing on your face – and take a toll on your overall health. Your body repairs itself while you sleep, and that’s true for your skin cells. If you aren’t sleeping enough, your skin won’t have time to take care of the old cells and produce new ones. You can be left with marred skin that’s wrinkled and dry.

Avoid Being Sedentary

Yes, exercising can make you sweaty and grimy, and menopause issues can leave you wanting to just sit and relax. But getting moving is good for your skin. Exercising increases blood flow which sends nutrients to your skin cells and moves waste products out of them. Regular movement also reduces stress and inflammation, both of which can have a negative impact on your skin. Because regular exercise also boosts your overall health, you have a better chance of having healthier skin.

This content was written by staff of by non-medical professionals based on discussions, resources and input from other patients for the purpose of patient-to-patient support.  Reprinted with permission: Break These Bad Habits for Better Skin During Menopause

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