Kim’s Abdominal Hysterectomy

Abdominal Hysterectomy
Age at Surgery 43
Location: England, UK

Very large fibroid (18 week pregnancy) pressing on leg nerves, anaemic, lower back pain (but not heavy period). Originally supposed to be having Uterine Artery Embolisation but seemed to grow quickly & worried about pressing on nerves (risk of DVT) so was told at my post-MRI appointment that was no longer an option, only a TAH with vertical incision could be offered.

General anaesthetic. Stayed in hospital 2 nights (got a bit of cystitis on second night which was very painful but disappeared by morning after some oramorph).

Biggest issue was having staples removed (32 plus 4 or so stitches) as are at bottom didn’t close properly but nurse just said to put a bit of dressing loosely over it. This then turned into splitting a little on Boxing Day (my birthday & 13 days after op). My sis,who’s nurse sorted me out but ended up going to GP and it was infected so had to wear a dressing for a couple of weeks & needed an extra week (7 in total) off work. Now left a gaping scar at bottom and shame as top very good.

I had bad hot flushes for about 10 days but these went.

Bad back/sciatica returned so that part is frustarting. I feel that I probably had to have a hysterectomy but don’t feel really healthy yet, do get a swollen (uneven belly) & sometimes I wish I had just had my ovaries removed as still feel like I have a pain in my left ovary at times.

Wish there was more information around what exercises it may be safe to do at each stage as was never quite sure & even 3 months later not sure I should be doing at the allotment? But it’s more my back issues, am hoping these improve!

Check alternatives and ask as many questions.

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