Kellie’s Vaginal Hysterectomy

Laparoscopic Hysterectomy
Age at Surgery 31
Location: Columbia/South Carolina/USA

I have always struggled with heavy periods as a teenager, but it worsen after childbirth. When I was 27 and had my youngest child, I went to see a gynecologist, who didn’t want to do a hysterectomy because he believed I was too young. My husband and I knew we did not want anymore children (I was already not wanting more of the fear of having twins again). So the doctor decided to do the uterine cyro-ablation (worst decision I made). We moved to another state because my of husband job. I went to see another gynecologist because the periods got worse to the point I was bleeding through super tampons within 30 minutes. I became very sensitive to pads causing rawness because I wore them 3 weeks straight out of a month. I was miserable, tired, and gained so much weight because I didn’t want to leave the house fearing I would bleed through my clothing. I explained all this to the new gynecologist, and he said he wanted to make this the last option, but it was my only option. I was very fortunate to be able to keep my ovaries, but he took everything else. They did find a begnin tumor on the top on my cervix connecting to the uterus. It has been a little over a year with no regrets, and I would do it all over again if I had too.

After having the twins I had urine inconsistence, and a rectocele from natural labor, of course, with an epidural with both my pregnancies. It got to the point every time I laughed, sneezed, coughed, or ran I ended up peeing my pants. It started with the urgency, and it progressively got worse to the point of peeing my pants twice a day or more. Once again, I feared leaving the house, carried an extra set of clothes, and wore pads to hope catch and hold the urine (talk about embarrassing). So, I spoke with my PCM and he referred me to a Uro-gynecologist. Last week, I had a Trans-Obturator Tape (TOT) Sling procedure, and a Rectocele repair. Honestly, ladies the hysterectomy seemed so much easier to recover from than what I am going through with this recent surgery.

My words of experience is having someone to help you with even the littlest things, rest when you need to, and TAKE YOUR MEDICATION! Less pain as possible helps with healing faster in my experience. The first 3 days were the worst I had to stay in the hospital for 2 nights, because it felt like everything dropped down into my pelvic area. I have never gone through a c-section, and the women I know who have had a c-section said the pain was equal to the pain after a hysterectomy. My husband was amazing, and my kids helped as well. I was very blessed, and I wish your surgery and recovery will be the best decision you make whether it is intentional or medically required.

My surgery was really uneventful, thank goodness. I had general anesthesia, I am allergic to most medications, so the Anesthesiologist treated me for an allergic reaction prior to giving me any other type of medication. I had to stay the night 2 nights because the pain was so unbearable, because I was allergic to so many pain medications it was very difficult to get the pain under control. Once I was able to walk to the bathroom on my own on the second day, I was released to go home (feeling very hesitant, because this was the first major surgery I have ever gone through).

My issues were after the surgery was waiting to be recovered with having 4 children at home. Plus, I do not like being laid up in bed, it drives me stir crazy! I really took it easy for the first week, and after that first week I was finally given the clear to drive again. My husband went back to work, and then it was my responsibility to make sure the kids get where they needed to be. I didn’t have any worries about the hysterectomy except sex afterwards, because I didn’t want my husband to think different of me. I knew in my heart I really wanted and needed this surgery. I never felt less of a woman, I just felt sort of lost, because my husband sex life was very almost non existent prior to the surgery. I was afraid would I be able to handle sex life afterwards, would he expect it more, would I be able to have an orgasm again. Weird as it may sound, I did have orgasms from my uterus and cervix. Originally, I was suppose to keep my cervix, and it wasn’t until after the surgery I found out the cervix had to be removed from the begnin tumor. I was very confused, and wasn’t sure what sex would be like afterwards.

I have had to use an estrogen cream to help keep my vagina lubricated, because I was always dry no matter how much water I drank. The doctor decided to do blood work and all of my hormone levels came back normal, so he couldn’t understand why I would get so dry. Looking back, I now can see that I was so scared to be more sexually active with my husband with the fear of it being different for him, did I feel different, or was I able to still enjoy sex like I once have before. So many what if’s or could haves in my mind, I started shutting down emotionally. Closing out every one I loved, because I didn’t know how to talk to my husband about the way I felt. One day, I just asked him, and he reassured me that nothing felt different, and he was still attracted to me and wanted me. In fact, the hysterectomy allowed us to be closer intimate wise than ever before. I didn’t have to worry about my period being to heavy, painful or an unwanted pregnancy. I am more active now than I have ever been in the last 11 years, I don’t look back and regret the decision of having a hysterectomy.

My advice is be very open with your spouse about every feeling you may have or think he may have. Honestly, I drove myself crazy worry about something that wasn’t even an issue. Secondly, talk openly with your doctor! It may feel very uncomfortable, especially if it has to do with sex. It is our bodies, and we are going through this surgery to feel better, and whole again (or at least I felt like I had a fresh start). If we are not open with the doctors who are taking care of us, why go to that doctor in the first place (find a new doctor you are comfortable with).

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