Christina’s Abdominal Hysterectomy

Abdominal Hysterectomy
Age at Surgery 36
Location: Halifax NS

In 2000 I was diagnoses with endometriosis, the went in to do surgery and found out it was PO. I had major complications from that surgery over the next few years, so much so that when my issues became so much worst the doctors didn’t want to do anything in fear that I would react to more surgery the same way. In 2015 things got to the breaking point and I knew I needed surgery to rid myself of the now fast growing fibroids (largest grew 7-9 cm in less than six months because of MAJOR stress). Surgery took some time to book as the local OBGYNs didn’t want to touch me because of the size and amount of fibroids I had and because of the complications from the past. Everyone knew it was going to be difficult.

Surgery took over four hours. I had issues with waking up afterwards. I stayed in hospital for four days but ended up going back in twice for infection.

I wish I had been told to do bowel prep and encouraged more to go before I left the hospital. I ended up not going for almost a week and a half causing me to get hemorrhoids, the first time ever having them and the worst some of the nurses had ever seen it was scary bleeding like a period from the rectum.

Had surgery in Jan. 2016, got rid of “to many to count” minions. They had to take everything because of how engulfed they were around everything, weighing a total of 22lbs. The same day surgery my stomach measured 7 inches smaller, don’t inured to go down more the next few weeks. I had so many complications from the surgery. Ended up back in hospital twice because of infection. About 2-4 weeks after I started having full body pain, kinda like the heavy feeling after you swim. It was brushed off at first as I was told it would pass and was just a part of healing it got worst, so much worst. I was seeing my docs way too much and no one could give an explanation. In April I was put on prednisone, which severely messed up my diabetes and was just plain havock to my body. It helped some but when I should tapper, the pain would get bad again. I am now on a continued dose of prednisone as I wait to see a specialist in hopes to see what is going on. I hate my life as it is right now, I can’t work, socializing takes everything out of me, the meds and side effects from meds are killing me. I want better NOW!!

Start taking restoralax and or other bowel enhancer a day or so before surgery and continue for two weeks after at least.

Listen to your body and demand doctors listen to do you as you know yourself best. Don’t let them brush you off.

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