Keisha’s Vaginal Hysterectomy

Type of Hysterectomy: TVH
Age at surgery: 41
Location: Oakland, CA

I had my hysterectomy due to extremely bad cramps and heavy bleeding brought on by the Essure implants. I noticed almost immediately after being inserted that my cramps were much worse, especially because I never had cramps before; but as time went on, they became unbearable. I would hurt for at least 3 weeks of the month with the week of my period, being debilitating and almost bedridden. My ob-gyn suggested a colonoscopy which I did twice. Cramps would improve but not for long and I’d be right back to the terrible pain. I became insured by Kaiser and just couldn’t take it anymore so I went in for a pap and explained the pain. Dr. suggested hormones (bc pills) to help with the pain. I tried that for 3-4 months and nothing changed so I requested a hysterectomy. They tried to talk me into an ablation (which shouldn’t be done with Essure) or just taking my tubes but I knew I didn’t want anymore kids or a period every month so I opted for a full hysterectomy keeping my ovaries

My fiance came in with me and was there while they got me hooked up to the IV and asked all the questions. I was a nervous wreck on what could go wrong and what I would feel like afterwards. My nurse finally came in with Valium to calm my nerves, and everybody started coming in giving directions. I had just general anesthesia. I remember switching to the other bed and the mask coming over my face. Next thing I know, I was in bed and my mom was there. I asked was the surgery complete because I didn’t feel any cuts or much of anything other than I needed to pee. They brought a bed pan in, I went and was told I could go home whenever I was ready. I got there at 6am and was home by 1pm

I guess because of the type of hysterectomy I had, I was all set for lots of gas pains and stitches but I didn’t have any of that. I was uncomfortable if I sat up too long. We live up a flight of stairs so I didn’t even try that for the first week. I drove 10 days after for my postop, totally uneventful but my body did remind me that that was a bit soon. I tried to do little things but soon I’d find it best to just sit, which was hard for me. I’d printed a chart of allowable activities before surgery and my fiance stuck to that and wouldn’t let me do much. The hardest part was feeling better only to feel worse the next day. Even at 6 weeks, I was just exhausted. My doctor originally released me at 2 weeks with a reminder of no sex for 6, but I wanted to be thoroughly approved so I went back and she said I only had 1 stitch that would fall out any minute so I was good to go!!!

I am so glad I finally had this surgery and removed the Essure. I have very light cramps every so often but NOTHING compared to the pain I experienced before. I should’ve had at least 2 periods by now and I’ve barely noticed. To be honest, I’ve wanted a hysterectomy since I was 12 and my mom had one and said she wouldn’t have any more periods. But truly for my problems, it has been a huge relief. Even my fiance has noted that a lot of my problems have disappeared. People at work notice the change in me too. I didn’t get the emotional part a lot of people got. I became a bit more straight forward, not sure if that’s a good thing yet lol

I would suggest making the choice for yourself and coming to grips as much as you can with it. Just like pregnancy, everyone’s recovery is different so you have to decide what’s best for you. I think most of us are tired of the pain and just want to be done with it. I chose to keep my ovaries where some women have family history that causes them to have them removed. It’s up to you but I can tell you, I’m one happy chick.

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