Tina’s Hysterectomy Story

Type of Hysterectomy: LAVH ( Laparoscopy  Assisted Vaginal Hysterectomy)
Age at Hysterectomy: 48
Location: West Middlesex

I had very, very heavy painful periods which were all over the place with maybe 1 whole day between periods. This had gone on for nearly 5 years and I was just and only just coping. My doctor referred me to the west Middlesex hops and I was operated on within 9 weeks of the referral. I had a total hysterectomy and am very glad now 9 weeks later, no pain, no more bleeding and as soon as I can will be back to walking 10 miles a day and doing some serious core strengthening muscles. I persisted to my GP for help as I was border line anemic so had to have something done, if you suspect you too have a problem similar please keep saying about it to your GP, we should not have to suffer in silence and not be seen, these types of bleeds are not normal.

So my advice is to go for it, the first two weeks are the hardest in recovery but every day after is bliss.

The West Middlesex Hospital staff were amazing. I was put out completely and went home the next day

The most important thing is as soon as you are awake enough after surgery take really deep breathes and let them out slowly every 10 – 15 minutes or so as this is a really great tip for stopping the gas going up to your shoulders and I kept doing them in the first week, I really had no other pain apart from the gas and the odd discomfort in and around belly incisions.

Unless there is anything wrong you won’t get a check up appt in the UK or at least I didn’t so I asked for one.

I was very lucky, through the walking I did before surgery I was 2 weeks ahead of recovery time, although going back to sex was my main worry. I had no need to and yes Orgasm is still there and not everyone loses it. That was another of my worries

I feel fantastic; still get tired in the afternoons but all in all good; weight still to lose but I’m good, the freedom is amazing!

Get all the information you need beforehand.  Ask how they will perform it, and what to expect when you wake up.  Make sure you get the after op information, ( I wasn’t given any, so joined the hystersisters forum, the forum is amazing full of ladies in pre op positions, post op, and all have very helpful info for you)

The most important one for me after I knew I had to have it was deep breathing after the op to shift the gas pain away from my shoulders and it really worked!

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